About Venture6

Our Story

A passion for creativity and telling stories has led Venture6 Studio to become one of the Great Lakes Bay Region’s leading choices for video and marketing services. With a dedicated team of videographers, designers, writers, and editors, we are able to provide our clients with a comprehensive range of design services, including marketing and branding, video production, and content strategy.

One of our strengths is versatility. Our team has worked on a local and global scale, creating authentic and compelling content for businesses of all sizes. We’re always on the go, capturing interesting visual content and working with clients to strengthen their branding and messaging. Whether it is a multistage project or a single service, our clients know the work will be completed on time and with complete satisfaction.

Visual Storytelling

It probably comes as no surprise, but marketing today is not the same as it was in 1998, or 2008, or even 2013. With consumer habits enduring significant changes due to the emergence of new technologies like smartphones and apps, our clients are seeking contemporary, impactful ways to reach a diverse audience and stand out from the competition. Although traditional marketing practices (think print ads and direct mail) still play an important role, digital marketing is becoming the preferred choice for consumers and businesses alike.

Because Venture6 was born in the digital era, we built the company around the concept of visual storytelling – a narrative primarily told through the use of visual media in video, graphic design, and writing. We understand that today’s consumers are looking for convenience, experience, truth, and collaboration, and we strive to combine these elements in everything we do.

Reach your audience with Vision, Inspiration, Imagination, Distinction, Authenticity

People who work with V6

Need a cohesive and strategic marketing plan with branding
Are looking for distinctive video footage, including aerials
Need effective safety and training resources
Are interested in creating or boosting a social media presence
Need a project completed on time and within budget
Have a story to tell and need a unique way to present it

Did you know YouTube is the second largest
search engine in the world? Reach your audience and
tell a stronger story with video.